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v1.2.0 - Progress Monitoring, Preview Frames, Alembics and more

We are beyond excited to launch version v1.2.0 of Renderjuice.

This is the first major update after our public launch. Super proud of this update.

There are some huge features and quality of life improvements along with a swath of stability improvements for more complete support of Blender.

What's New:

  • Progress Monitoring - Monitor all your render jobs right within the application!
  • Preview Frames - Download and preview the first couple of frames rendered as soon as they've been rendered.
  • Upload .zip files - Sometimes packing isn't enough. We now support zip uploads in the application and we'll dynamically link assets.
  • Alembic Support - With the support of .zip files, we can now officially support alembics .abc files.
  • Blender Metadata Display - View your render configuration within the application, this includes sample rates, fps, Blender version and more.
  • Rendering High Memory Usage - Render nodes can now better support .blend files that require significant amounts of memory.
  • Email Notifications - Upon completion of a render file, you will now receive an email notification so you don't have to keep checking in on the progress of your file.
  • Better EEVEE support - Eevee rendering is now officially supported.
  • Quality of Life Fixes - A ton of stability fixes around authentication.