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v1.3.0 - Blender 4 compatibility, Double the RAM, Auto Retry and Stabilization


  • Improved memory (RAM) performance on render nodes by an average 2-3X.
  • Nodes will retry render nodes automatically
  • Add new validating state when file is being validated before render starts
  • Add new booting state when nodes are booting up and not initialized
  • Add compatibility for Blender 4.0.x

New Features

  • All render nodes have had their memory (RAM) performance increased significantly. This will prevent renders from crashing or failing (though infrequent) when loading high texture assets or when Blender files have too many orphan data blocks. On average, each node's allotment of RAM should be 2X.
  • Renders will be retried on failures automatically and unnoticeably.
  • Blender v4.0 compatibility is now here! We've also made it far easier for us to add compatibility for every new Blender release so we are able to provide rendering to your scenes sooner.
  • The new booting state makes it clear when the render has actually started or if our nodes are just warming up
  • The new validating state makes it far clearer when we're checking your Blender file for any missing assets and display the logs back to you.


  • Nodes are automatically shutdown when inactive to save us and therefore you on price!
  • Major, major improvements on infrastructure deployment processes for iteration speed