Release Conventions and Schedule

While we do work internally according to semver conventions (this is that v2.3.9 convention you see everywhere), semver is actually pretty technical and not easy to digest. So, we organize releases in a fashion that is more predictable and manageable for you. At the same time, we try to make it easy on us to translate what we’ve done to our users so that we can update frequently with ease.

Versioning Convention:

  • Major version upgrades are big changes that we think are worth spending extra time communicating to you due to potential benefits.
  • Minor version upgrades can loosely be interpreted as feature additions, or notable updates!
  • We ignore the patch version number here (the x in v2.1.x), only reflecting major and minor versions. Because we ship so frequently, it’s usually not worth it to communicate some of the patch changes. They may however roll up into a minor announcement.

What Renderjuice announces here:

  • Any product updates that may impact you or solve an issue you have
  • Any smaller changes we’ve made that you might not be aware of
  • At Renderjuice, we try not to be too shy about communicating what’s going on internally, so you can get to know us better and what we do everyday.

Product Update Composition

  • Date when released and a version number that should match what you see in the UI.
  • Each product update comes with a short summary so you can quickly get a sense of what’s new.
  • Each update also comes with more details so you can get the full story. This allows us to keep the updates short and focused, while still providing the full details that you need.

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